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Homes need help to show their best.  In a competitive real estate market like we currently have here in Austin Texas, your home is in direct competition with the inventory of other Homes that are in the approximate price range.  And, as you are likely aware, here in Austin  TX we have a ton of new construction homes that you have to compete against as well.  Preparing your home to sell so that it shows its best is called home staging.  As a an Austin Home Stager I can council with you on things you can do yourself to stage your lived in home.  If you are living in your home, you by all means will want a home stager to come in to take a look at the property with a fresh set of eyes telling you what should be done so that the home will show its best.  If your home will be vacant when you list it, I offer vacant home staging packages that are on a smaller budgeted scale or a larger budgeted scale where I provide things like large furniture. 

On my website I explain these two vacant staging packages of mine in great detail.


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My 3 Home Staging Packages

Occupied Home Staging Consultation : If your home is being lived in and you want to sell the home while you live in it, you will want to take advantage of my Home Staging Austin Texas skills by hiring me as an Austin Home Stager to provide for you my very reasonable and affordably priced $175 Occupied Home Staging Consultation.  I will thoroughly evaluate the inside and outside of your home and walk through the home with you showing you what needs to be addressed as well as I will provide for you the following day a detailed written summary that can be used as a To-Do checklist of all the things we went over while I was there.

Vacant Accessory Home Staging : If your home is vacant, you will want to use either this accessory home staging package or the following furnished home staging package.  Both of these two packages are explained on my website in great detail, but the short version is that the Vacant Accessory Home Staging package basically adds color and warmth to the inside of the home by accessory staging the home.  The cost for accessory staging is minimal, but the yield is huge.  By accessory staging the home I will highlight the home's features and hopefully draw the customers eye away from the blemishes and flaws of the home.  It's a lighter approach to home staging adds beauty to an empty, bland and vacant home.

Vacant Furnished Home Staging : My third package is my Vacant Furnished Home Staging which I have illustrate below with pictures.  The furnished staging includes the accessory staging PLUS furniture.  I will not put furniture all throughout the house, as the cost to do so would be prohibitive, but I will put furniture in those needed rooms of the home. 


4808 West Park Ė Vacant Staging Option 2

The home owner of this property owned this Allandale subdivision home as an investment property and had renters living in it. The renters were relocating out of state and rather than rent the home again the owners chose to sell. The home was small but had an addition added to the back creating the master suite and updated granite counters, new windows and new exterior paint. This homes biggest challenge was the shape and size of the living room and dining room area. The room was narrow and long and didnít have a clear definition of the dining room space. It was important to utilize my Austin Home Staging expertise to stage the living room and dining room with furniture to help prospective buyers visualize how the two areas could be furnished. Furniture was brought in for the living and dining space and set up to create the two areas in this narrow and long space. These furnished areas as well and the kitchen, secondary bathroom and master bathroom were also accessory staged to add the finishing decorating touches.

By the 3rd day the sellers got 2 offers !

The home was set up on August 2nd, had two contracts offered within
the first 3 days on the market and closed 38 days later.

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